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William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187

Free & Accepted Masons

100+ Year's Strong Chartered January 20, 1910




This is a true Masonic story of what happened at one

Masonic Blue Lodge.

This is a true Masonic story of what happened at one

Masonic Blue Lodge.

A few years ago, the Lodge was having trouble with flocks of pigeons roosting on their roof. These pigeons caused the worst smell from their droppings, which were bringing insects to

borrow into the droppings. The Worshipful Master, and other elected officers of the Lodge became alarmed at this situation

and formed a committee to take care of this pigeon problem.

Well the Lodge committee, on removal of pigeons, met to study

and talk about a solution, and what matters to take to bring

about the permanent removal of the pigeons.

The first thing the committee did was to go up on the Lodge buildings roof and tie several strips of cloth in various areas to scare the pigeons away. These efforts did not work and the

pigeons remained there.

The committee then, as was planned, bought several decoy Owls and placed the Owls in several areas of the roof, again in an attempt to scare the pigeons away.

Again these efforts brought no relief and the pigeons

had covered the roof by now.

When after several fruitless attempts were made for the

removal of the pigeons the committee then, as was planed,

hired a professional pigeon removal company who advertised

and guaranteed in writing the permanent removal of the

pigeons or they would refund all monies to anyone having this problem if they failed to cause the permanent removal of the pigeons.

Well this company came to the Lodge building and after

several weeks, and several attempts, to cause the permanent removal of the pigeons, and all attempts failed,

the company refunded all of the Lodges money.

My Brothers, I am happy to report to you there was not a sad ending to this pigeon problem.

It so happened that the following month the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of Florida was in Miami on Masonic business, and the Grand Master came to Coral Gables Lodge

on an unofficial visit.

After the business of the Lodge had been conducted, and the

Lodge was closed, the officers, members, and visitors retired

to the Lodge dining room where the Lodge Stewart's had

prepared and served dinner for all.

While the Brothers were sitting eating and talking in general,

and near the end of dinner the then Most Worshipful Grand Master, whom was sitting next to the then Worshipful Master

of Coral Gables Lodge, asked the Worshipful Master how the business, and Masonic work, of Coral Gables Lodge was going

on under his Mastership of the Lodge.

The Worshipful Master then told the Grand Master that all of

the Lodge business and degree work were being held and preformed in all Masonic principles in due respect and honor

of Freemasonry.

The Master then said to the Grand Master that there was only

one problem the Lodge was having and that was the pigeon problem the Lodge was experiencing for seven months and of

all the attempts which were made to relive the problem.

The Master also told the Grand Master this pigeon problem

was becoming out of control and that the Lodge could not

find a solution to end this problem.

My Brothers all this will perhaps sound strange to you, but

there are those Brothers who will confirm what you are about

to read next as it is all true and it did happen in Coral Gables


Upon hearing this tale of woe from the Worshipful Master

about the pigeon problem, the Grand Master stood up and

told the Lodges Master that he could solve his problem for the Lodge then and there.

The Grand Master asked the Master to show him the stairway

to the roof and the Master led the Grand Master, with the

pigeon committee, up and onto the Lodge roof.

The Grand Master seeing the thousands of pigeons then and

there raised his hands skyward toward the starry-decked

heavens and the Grand Master said these words.

By the power in me invested I now declare all pigeons Past Masters.

And lo and behold, all of the pigeons disappeared and never

came back to the Lodge.

Thank you my Brothers all for your attention in reading and consuming this very important Masonic knowledge.

I know by now you believe, and understand this Past Masters Pigeon Degree.

Yours in Brotherly Love, and Masonic Education.

W:.John E. Gardner, PM

[email protected]

Coral Gables Lodge No. 260

Coconut Grove Lodge No. 258

http://[email protected]