William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187

Free & Accepted Masons

100+ Year's Strong Chartered January 20, 1910

From the East


I hope you and your family are doing well. As businesses and the government begin to open back up and we try regain a sense of normalcy I’d like to remind you to check on your fellow brother to see how he is doing.

 I can personally tell you that this pandemic has made me realize how important my friends and family, as well as my Masonic brothers actually are.

My brothers, I would ask that you please be patient in the next coming weeks in reference to reopening the lodge. When the Grand Master gives the go ahead we want to make sure that we do not get ourselves into a rush and end up getting one of our brothers sick.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this... one thing this pandemic has done is pull us together as a society and make us realize the importance of taking care of one another. Let’s not lose those values. Even when things go back normal. Be well my brothers.


W∴M∴ David Henry


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